The Future of Bitcoin Mining is .

Hashway is an efficient hash-rate management platform that secures communication channels between hash-rate providers (miners) and hash rate buyers (pools). We create new possibilities by liquifying hash-rate.

For Investors

Manage and measure your mining portfolio.

Mine with insight.

We help you take back the control of your hashing power and manage it to best of your interest with a click while auditing your pool and your host. 

For Hosts

Don't just offer space, offer transparency.

Be secure and transparent at the same time.

Limit the access of outsiders to your local network while giving your clients full control of their devices. 

For Brokers

Quality for all of your clients.

Same quality for all.

As a broker you work with several data centers with different standards and network architecture. Offer the best no matter where you host the devices. 

Hashway Firewall

Hashway firewall is the first of its kind hashing security solution that will monitor the content and sequence of messages being exchanged according to communication standards and detects/blocks unwanted activities that affect your profitability or health of your machines. 

This technology could also secure your operations against DDOS attacks and hide your IP and geolocation from the eyes of those who should not see it. 



Simply assign devices to groups and switch them between pools in a matter of seconds using the Hashway Hot-Swap technology. This could be useful to assure a minimum hash-rate on a specific channel or to maximize profit by switching between coins/pools. 

We optimize the communication channel between farms and pools to minimize the latency and improve the rate of delivery. This could mean less reject rate and more profit for you devices.   


Hashway has the most efficient monitoring algorithms to detect any flaws in the performance of mining machines. You could set to receive alerts through email, telegram bot, webhook and mobile apps. 



Auditability is the missing piece in Bitcoin mining and the industry is struggling to address that. Hashway will fully address the auditability and internal control in crypto-mining industry through its institutional grade hash-rate management platform. 

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